maya angelou’s the thirteens (black) & the thirteens (white)

Posted on February 21, 2010


The Thirteens (Black)

Your Momma took to shouting,

Your Papa’s gone to war,

Your sister’s on the streets,

Your brother’s in the bar,

The thirteens. Right On.


Your cousin’s taking smack,

Your uncle’s in the joint,

Your buddy’s in the gutter,

Shooting for the point,

The thirteens. Right On.


And you, you make me sorry,

You out here by yourself,

I’d call you something dirty,

But there just ain’t nothing left,


The thirteens. Right On.


The Thirteens (White)

Your Momma kissed the chauffeur,

You Poppa balled the cook,

Your sister did the dirty,

in the middle of the book,

The thirteens. Right On.


Your daughter wears a jock strap,

Your son he wears a bra,

Your brother jonesed your cousin

in the back seat of the car.

The thirteens. Right On.


Your money thinks you’re something,

But if I’d learned to curse,

I’d tell you what your name is,

But there just ain’t nothing worse


The thirteens. Right On.


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